Winter days on Lake Sloka

One winter day, I played a tourist in my own country and took a travel brochure of Jūrmala and the surroundings. This is how I found out there is a trail with a floating tower for watching birds near Lake Sloka and a few minutes later I was in my car driving there. It was an unusually bright and sunny day, which resulted in many gorgeous photos and walking ON the lake. A magical experience even for me, a girl who has spent all her life in this cold country.

Before you step your foot on a frozen lake, make sure the ice layer is thick enough. Although lake Sloka is pretty shallow, there is no need to be too adventurous if you are not familiar with life in a cold climate. Safety first!

I will let the photos talk but I already know that I will go back to that trail sometime in summer to compare the experience in two completely different seasons.

I visited the lake two days in a row and each day differed greatly. Have a look at the sunset and sunrise photos below!


Practical info

To get to the trail, enter “Dūņu ceļš” in Jūrmala in your navigation. Follow the road till it ends by the lake. There is a small parking place for you to leave the car.

There is no entrance fee.

Best enjoyed in summer. In spring and autumn, some parts of the trail may be flooded. Lovely in winter too if the weather is nice.

Children friendly. There is some outdoor equipment in some parts of the trail to keep everyone busy.

The trail is not suitable for wheelchairs and strollers but the view to the lake and to the tower is available to everyone from the parking place.


Photos from Day 1 – SUNSET


Photos from Day 2 – SUNRISE

Which one do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Emmy says:

    You need to post that picture of you on that tower thing on Instagram! It’s gorgeous! Actually, all of these are. I also love how you give advice on how to walk on a frozen lake haha Riley and I walked out to the lake last month and these tourists were walking out onto the ice and throwing giant rocks where they were standing. I decided to leave before I witnessed anything happen LOL

    1. Loreta says:

      I was so excited after I saw all the photos I had taken but… only some of them looked nice on Instagram. 😀 I definitely know when’s a good time to step on a frozen lake. However, I have no idea what to do when you see a poisonous snake or a bear. 😂

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