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Who am I?

A kind soul and a keen observer of life

Hi! My name is Loreta and the text above was actually there in the template of this page. I stared at it for a while and then decided to just leave it there. ?

I created this space to publish my thoughts or just to “write it all off of me”. If you have this writer’s drive in you, you’ll understand me. I’ve had this willingness to write since I can remember myself. Although I never wrote poems, stories, or books, I always enjoyed just… writing.

In 2017, I embarked on a crazy long-term traveling adventure with my husband and two kids but before that I’ve been and done about a million things. I’m a professional violinist but I don’t play the violin anymore. I was/am talented but it just wasn’t my thing. Everybody else wanted me to be a musician, so I was a good girl and went to study music for many years and even got a diploma certifying my profession. After graduating from the music college, I took a year off to get my thoughts and life together. It was hard. Literally all my body systems were shaken and I felt like I’m falling apart. Doctors did a ton of tests but everything seemed perfect, so all of them said that “it’s just all in your head”. It’s also what my mum used to say when I told her I hate the cold climate and it makes me cry all.the.time. During this time I met my husband and somehow got over this period of my life. After a year I started studying translation and interpreting. I’ve always been interested in foreign languages and I always knew I want to be a translator, so studying what I’ve always wanted made me happy. 4 years later I got a degree in translation and interpreting and started my career as a translator and language teacher. I quit interpreting as I felt it’s quite similar to playing the violin on the stage – too much stress for me. I worked as a violin teacher for 7 years while also teaching languages. Then one day it struck me. I’m doing the same job (i.e. teaching) but giving music lessons makes me feel exhausted while teaching languages leaves me more energized. When I realized that, there was no turning back. I quit music for ever and invested all my energy into the language sector. Once I got it sorted out, my life got so much easier and this is the lesson I keep in mind while raising my children. You may have many talents but you, and only you, can feel what’s the right thing for you and what will make you happy.

I have a daughter and a son, two completely different personalities, and we keep teaching each other continuously. I’m not a typical mother and I’m not afraid to say that. I’m always joking that there’s only one person in our family with a mother’s instinct and that’s my husband, and it’s true. People are different and there is no right or wrong, black or white. We all live the way what works best for us, not for the others. For me motherhood is a way to grow yourself and overcome challenges in everyday life while trying to raise two decent human beings who are not traumatized by their parents’ (and other people’s) beliefs or actions. That’s not and will never be an easy job. I may occasionally write about these challenges if I feel it has changed something in the big picture of my life.

I’ve had my share of sad and tragic events in my life but they all have shaped the current me. Many people describe me as a strong woman and I hate this description with all my heart! We ALL are strong. It’s just a matter of you DECIDING TO ACT to overcome the challenges in your life and keep going forward. It’s true that you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have and it’s true that you’re always one decision away of a completely different life.

What am I passionate about? Changing the world. Not necessarily our planet (although I do my share to minimize my CO2 footprint as much as I can) but the world IN me, in the people around me. This is why I enjoy teaching and mentoring. I can see people developing, breaking their imagined limits, getting smarter and more free. I’m passionate about traveling. I think stepping out of your comfort zone is a great way to grow and learn. I’m passionate about wine. Oh goodness, I want to thank all possible divine forces for wine! I think it is the only thing that has let me stay sane over the last few years… I’m passionate about photography. I haven’t taken any course or lessons, I just press the button when I feel like it. I’m passionate about listening to music. I don’t have a favourite composer, singer, or group. There are bits and pieces I like from all kinds of genres and styles. One day I enjoy listening to Rachmaninoff’s piano concertos, the next day you’ll find me humming a melodic bossa nova tune or dancing by the songs of Jamiroquai. Yeah, I’m complicated. 🙂

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