Kangen water ionizer machine. Improves my and my family’s health, reduces the use of plastic water bottles while travelling, and fits into my backpack. Want one? Contact me:

What I use for taking, storing, and sharing photos…

The most compact and powerful camera for a busy mom.

Light, flexible, efficient way to do yoga. Makes all airport security guys smile when I tell them that.

This turns you into a rebel instantly.

Traveling mom’s essentials.

My child’s camera. Makes the best underwater pics as well.

Phone compatible with all my other devices.

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My favourite things I always take with me…

Compact and light lamp that can be squeezed into any backpack and charged with your phone USB cable.

For fresh lemon juice+water first thing in the morning.

A set of 2 bowls for my kids meals or storing leftovers.

Mommy’s fidget spinner. Whenever we travel with a suitcase.

For grating cheese, garlic, or citrus zest.

Foldable, washable, lightweight, multi-purpose bag.

My favourite self-care products…

Daily practices for a peaceful life.

Weekly journaling prompts.

More weekly journaling prompts.

Practice gratitude!