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Amed is a coastal area in the Eastern Bali. I went there alone with my kids and our aim was to explore the beaches of Bali. As soon as we found a place to live there, we moved away from the touristy Kuta and after a nearly 3 h long drive, we arrived in Amed, dropped our bags at the guest house and went out to search some food.

GUSTO sign says it is a resto/café/bakery. After nearly 4 weeks of living in the area, we say it is the nicest place in Amed where you can enjoy delicious food, great atmosphere and perfect service. We lived in one of the guest houses next door to Gusto and kept coming back for lunch and dinner various times. Even when we moved further down the coast, we ordered some food for take-away whenever we passed by. The prices seemed too low for the quality offered. It’s not a street-food stall or a backpackers’ café but it’s neither a high-end restaurant. We paid roughly 10 EUR for a generous meal with drinks (2 children, 1 adult). More if we wanted deserts, less if we weren’t too hungry.

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The whole seating area looks out to the sea and a nice breeze of wind is always present. If it’s too hot, the fans will cool you down. We loved the interior! It is simple but there are so many small touches that make the place cosy and give it a special energy.

Each time we tried to order something different. My children are not very keen on Asian/Balinese food and Gusto was a perfect place for feeding them food they recognize. Everything was served fresh and made from scratch. I tried at least 3 different fish dishes and all of them were amazing. The salad was fresh and the ingredients were full of flavours and aromas. We also tried pizza two times and it was by far the best we had had in Bali. Each time after ordering the food we were served complimentary fresh bread slices with eggplant cream, which the kids refused to eat, so I got 3 portions and didn’t complain at all.

Bella got addicted to chocolate cake aka brownie and she claimed it always brought her to the upper level of happiness.

We also loved their choice of music!

It’s a pity they don’t serve breakfast but I completely understand their choice for opening only at lunchtime. I found two Facebook pages that can help you get more information about Gusto. This page has the opening times and contact info (see the map for the address), this page has more recent posts and news. If you are ever in Amed, please visit Gusto! They deserve more customers and you deserve their delicious food.

Our favourite accommodation in Amed was Amed Dream, right on the beach. Read our review and see the photos here.

Disclaimer: We were not sponsored by Gusto and we paid for their services in full. Opinions posted in this article are strictly ours.

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